Challenge 17-18

AllĀ  UU students can submit their ideas for a course the size of 7,5 EC to Edu Challenge: Create your own Course. The deadline is January 20.

In period 3, the students with the best ideas will develop their idea into a full-fledged course. Good ideas are innovative, achievable, and can count on support. During this process, students get support from education experts and professors. In the actual course, the students’ role is that of the facilitator and co-ordinator; she doesn’t take the place of the traditional teacher.

The developed courses will take place in period 4, and are open to all students.


Students can submit their ideas before January 20, working in groups of 2~5 students. They will hear whether their idea has been selected before the end of the course change period, January 22.

During period 3, the students will be working on developing your own course-idea into a proper course. Think, for example, of a creating a week-by-week content planning, the education style most appropriate to your idea, setting learning goals for students that will take your course, and clarifying what students need to do in order to get a Pass for your course. This will count as a 7.5 EC internship at Utrecht University.

The course you will be developing is student-driven: most of the ideas and energy will come from you. Good coaching, of course, is crucial. During these ten weeks there will be 2-3 meetings with an education expert (we’ll provide someone), and 2-3 meetings with a professor in order to discuss the content of the course (you will have to reach out to a professor – we can of course help you with this). On top of these meetings, all students developing a course will regularly meet in order to form a peer group, to give feedback and help each other develop their ideas.

With an eye on the strict planning, we’d very much like to hear from you if you’re working on an idea.