Interested? Come to our interest evening on January 11, 17:15 at Bermuurde Weerd Oostzijde 1, Utrecht.

Sounds like something for you? Send us your application per January 20 (NOTE: the deadline has been advanced), containing:

– your cv

– a motivation, for which you could consider the following questions:

 > How do you think participation in the honours seminar will benefit you, given your plans and goals for the future? You may consider personal dimensions as well as academic and professional ones.
> Given your individual interests, skills, strengths and experience, discuss the specific contribution that you hope to be able to make with your participation in the course.
> How do you expect participation in the program to challenge you.  Identify and discuss the specific difficulties that you anticipate, given the limitations of your specific skills and experience thus far.

– a course plan in one of the following categories:

a. Connecting society to academia
b. Multi- or interdisciplinary topics and questions
c. Academic: topics that are underexposed in the standard curriculum

This course plan does not have to be a finished product, but should make clear what the course will be about, why students would want to take this course, and whether it’s possible to develop the idea into a full-blown course in 10 weeks. We strongly advise you to talk to a professor about your ideas beforehand, and to contact us so that we can think along.

Though the challenge is open to all UU students, the ECTS are offered at bachelor level. Are you a masters student? Please contact us, so that we can open the conversation with your programme or exam committee.

As we want to be sure we can offer the right support, there’s a limited number of ideas we can work with this year. We will of course inform all applicants before January 22, so that all students can use the course (de)regristration period.